Complete Set of amiibo cards 185 amiibo cards

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Due to request we have now put together all of our amiibo cards minus the animal crossing ones as part of our complete amiibo card set! Yes that's correct you might think we are crazy but this is our 185 amiibo card set. 

This complete amiibo card set covers all the amiibo we have released over the last few years (minus the animal crossing cards) these are perfect for someone new to the whole amiibo world or someone who would just lover to replace there NIB amiibo with our complete set of amiibo cards.

Here is a full breakdown of the cards contained in this amiibo card set:

77 - Super Smash Bros. amiibo cards

16 - Splatoon Artistic Style amiibo cards

11- Fire emblem warriors amiibo cards

15 - Super Mario amiibo cards

22 - The Legend of Zelda Botw amiibo cards

4 - Kirby amiibo cards

2 - Metroid Samus returns amiibo cards

2 - Super Mario Gold and Silver

2 - 8 Bit Mario both versions

1 - Pokken Tournament Shadow Mewtwo

1 - Chibi Robo

1 - QBBY, Box boy

1 - Detective Pikachu

1 - Diablo Loot Goblin

1 - Link, Links awakening

1 - Dark Souls amiibo card

1 - Megaman, Megaman 11 series

1 - Shovel Knight

1 - Mario Cereal

3 - Mario Odyssey wedding

6 - Power Pros Baseball

6 - Monster Hunter Stories amiibo cards

4 - Skylanders, donkey kong and bowser

5 - Yoshi woolly world.


We understand this is an extensive list. But this is our complete list of amiibo cards for sale. We do understand you may wish to add to this list or perhaps change artwork for certain cards. If so please do get in touch before placing your order. We are here to help and I am sure there will be something we can do or arrange for you!

Please note as this is a large order it will take up to 3 working days to complete your order. All of our amiibo cards are custom made and made to order. Tracking, signature or both will also be included with this order, as long as your country allows it.

This is a great saving for someone who would love to have a complete selection of our amiibo cards! If you prefer to buy our cards individually then please do check out our catalog. If you have any questions then please do get in touch.


***All our Amiibo card range work exactly the same way as Amiibo figures do, they are just a much more portable version of carrying amiibo around. They also make for the perfect gift for someone who does not wish to remove their amiibo from it's box. All of our cards come in a protective sleeve for safe transport - We ship worldwide on all orders!***