Animal Crossing Festival custom amiibo cards

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Have a look at our very own Custom Animal Crossing Festival amiibo cardsThese amiibo cards are perfect for anyone that is or has been having a hard time obtaining amiibo cards from the Festival series of animal crossing. These are our very own custom made animal crossing festival amiibo cards. They work the same way as the original amiibo cards do.

All of our animal Crossing amiibo cards are compatible with the Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome amiibo, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, and Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival games.

Some people may have a few of these amiibo cards already or are eagerly trying to get hold of a 3 pack of the ac festival amiibo cards this is why have the option for you to purchase them individually or as a full set of 3.

If you are unsure as to what animal crossing festival amiibo cards are well let us explain they were part of the animal crossing festival limited edition it came with 2 amiibo figures and 3 amiibo cards! if you did not purchase the limited edition you will not have got hold of the amiibo cards. You could purchase the figures separate but not the cards. Hence why we created these custom made animal crossing festival amiibo cards for you to enjoy!

If you are looking for more hard to find amiibo cards you might be interested in our ACNL Sanrio amiibo cards.


***All our Amiibo card range work exactly the same way as Amiibo figures do, they are just a much more portable version of carrying amiibo around. They also make for the perfect gift for someone who does not wish to remove their amiibo from it's box. All of our cards come in a protective sleeve for safe transport - We ship worldwide on all orders free of charge!***