New Splatoon Series Amiibo Cards - Splatoon 1 and 2 Custom

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Are you a fan of the splatoon game series? Well your going to love our splatoon themed amiibo cards. These are our custom made amiibo cards for the game splatoon. These are compatible with splatoon 1 and 2 and offer unique items when scanned. You can purchase our splatoon amiibo cards as singles or as a full set. The main purpose is to unlock in game items, but they work for a wide range of other games too. If you are a die hard fan of splatoon 2 and was not able to get hold of the latest amiibo, well then our amiibo cards can help you out.

This is our 2nd variation of splatoon amiibo cards. Both sets have contain the same data. They just look different. We updated our cards due to the release of peral and marina.


*All our Amiibo card range work exactly the same way as Amiibo figures do, they are just a much more portable version of carrying amiibo around. They also make for the perfect gift for someone who does not wish to remove their amiibo from it's box. All of our cards come in a protective sleeve for safe transport*