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Are you new to the world of amiibo? Have you heard of amiibo cards? Well here at mr amiibo cards we create custom amiibo cards for the Nintendo Switch Wii U and of course the 3DS. Our amiibo cards work just like the original amiibo they are just a more portable option. They are a great solution to the ever growing problem of not being able to obtain certain amiibo / amiibo cards due to scalpers or just due to not being in print anymore i.e the sanrio amiibo cards!

We sell a huge range of amiibo cards for a wide variety of different games.

This section is a complete list of all of the products we sell here at mr amiibo cards. But the great news is that if we don't have something in stock we can sure make one for you! We specialize in custom orders too! So if you wanted to create a custom card for someone special why not get in touch!

So if your on the hunt for custom amiibo cards for super smash bros, animal crossing or perhaps the legend of zelda botw you might be keen to get hold of our custom amiibo cards!

Please note all of our amiibo cars work just like the original and we also ship worldwide! That includes to the states!