Full Set of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate SSBU amiibo cards Complete set of 82

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Can't get enough of Super Smash Borthers Ultimate? - SSBU well why not check out our full set of SSBU amiibo cards all 82 of them are complete in this set.

If you would prefer to buy the cards indvidually then you can purchase them here. This full set of 82 was created for those who have very little or non of the super smash bros. amiibo.

We have created our very own custom amiibo card based on every fighter in game! Oh yes, there is plenty of them to choose from! We have tried to stay in the style of the game and we are sure you will love our custom made ssbu amiibo cards!

Please note due to the size of this collection it will take up to 3 days to process your order. All of our amiibo cards are custom made to order. Please keep this in mind when placing your order.


***All our Amiibo card range work exactly the same way as Amiibo figures do, they are just a much more portable version of carrying amiibo around. They also make for the perfect gift for someone who does not wish to remove their amiibo from it's box. All of our cards come in a protective sleeve for safe transport***

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