So.. We Did It. We Created an Android APP! Amiibo Master is Here.

So.. We Did It. We Created an Android APP! Amiibo Master is Here.

Amiibo master amiibo scanner and collector app


You heard us right! We created our very own Android APP to help you keep a record of the Amiibo you have collected! It's pretty basic but offers you the user a solid way to keep a record of your amiibo collection on your mobile.

The name of our app is Amiibo Master we offer a free version that has the odd advert and a paid version that comes with no adverts. Please note we also offer a lite version as well that just has an amiibo database, so you can browse the full list of amiibo at your own leisure.

So what's this app all about?


Well, Amiibo Master was designed to help people who collect amiibo. At first, it started off as a simple database allowing users to browse every amiibo that has ever been released, including amiibo cards. We then decided it might be best to add a custom wish list so users can keep a record of the amiibo they are looking for. We then found out that Android devices support NFC. This is how Nintendo scan amiibo data! So we put our heads together and came up with a solution.

We created our final version of Amiibo Master and Shipped it with a built-in amiibo scanner, that's right you heard us. An amiibo scanner. So all you do is scan your amiibo to the back of your NFC device and you can add that amiibo to your collection. This allows you to keep a physical amiibo collection on your device.

Of course, you cannot share the amiibo data or read it in any way. But this is a great way to show people the amiibo you have collected! So spread the word and download our Amiibo Master Collector app for your android device.

Please note if you don't have NFC you can still use our app, you just won't be able to use the scanner.

Full Break Down of Amiibo Master

This is a full breakdown of the Amiibo Master Series Apps

Amiibo Master (Paid)

This is the paid version of our app. You will receive the full version of the app with no adverts. Amiibo Master Paid has the following features:

Amiibo Database:

Allows the user to browse a database full of every amiibo that has been released to date. Each amiibo will have information about them.

Amiibo Wishlist:

Keep forgetting which amiibo you need? Well, you can use our amiibo wishlist and store the amiibo you are looking for. All you need to do is head over to the amiibo browse section. Click on the amiibo you want to add to your wish list. You will now see a button at the bottom of the screen. Click add to wishlist, this amiibo has now been added to your wish list. You can also remove these at any time from your wishlist, that is accessible from the main menu. 

Amiibo Scanner (amiibo collection):

We have included an amiibo scanner for our full version of the app. This scanner allows you to scan any amiibo card or figure and add the amiibo to your collection. See video below:



We have made this as simple as possible so let us know how it works out for you. Please note you cannot copy, share or read the amiibo data. We use our own unique code to grab the amiibo and then store it in a database. This cannot be extracted. 

Amiibo Maser (Free)

This is identical to the paid version but without any adverts

Amiibo Master Lite (free)

Only supports the amiibo database and wish list.


You can download amiibo master right now from the link below:


Amiibo Master amiibo scanner collection tool


We hope you enjoy our new app!