For the Animal Crossing lovers out there!

For the Animal Crossing lovers out there!

Here at mr amiibo cards we have been hard at work creating our very own custom made animal crossing amiibo cards. We were getting a large amount of customer requests for some of the more hard to find animal crossing amiibo cards big names like julian and marshal even the sanrio amiibo cards were something you guys were getting in touch about.

This has been taking a little longer than usual due to the fact we decided to make everything from scratch. We didn't want to just grab low quality images and print them. So we have painstakingly go through each and every character and create there very own custom made amiibo card.

Although it has been quite time consuming we are on our way to completing the full sets of cards. You might be delighted to know that you can now purchase the full set of ACNL welcome amiibo cards from here and also purchase the full set of series 1. Please note if you don't see a card on our website we will and can make a custom card for you so please do get in touch!

All Animal crossing amiibo cards are available even the ones without artwork, we will create a custom one for your order. 

As usual if you have any issues, concerns or would like a custom job done, or perhaps you just want to chat then get in touch we are here to help! 

You can find our full animal crossing range here!


kind regards,

Mr amiibo